Take the Low-Carb Weight loss program Quiz

What occurs whenever you lower carbs to shed extra pounds? Take a look at your self, or check your mates, to learn the way a lot you already know about this well-liked weight-loss pattern. Solutions observe the questions.

1. True or False. The thought of slicing carbs to shed extra pounds originated with Dr. Robert Atkins.

2.  True or False. Low-carb/high-protein diets suppress the urge for food higher than conventional low-calorie diets.

3. True or False. French fries, gentle drinks and pizza are typical low-carb meals.

4. True or False. Dieters who exclude all carbohydrate meals sometimes eat 500 fewer energy per day.

5. True or False. A lot of the preliminary weight reduction exhibited in low-carb dieters is because of water loss within the muscle tissues and liver.

6. True or False. Dangerous breath generally is a frequent facet impact from carbohydrate-restrictive diets.

7. True or False. Within the preliminary weeks, it’s frequent for a low-carb dieter to lose as much as 5 kilos or extra.

8. True or False. Slicing carbohydrates is an effective approach to gasoline the physique earlier than an intense exercise.

9. True or False. On a low-carb food regimen, you possibly can eat all of the meals you need and nonetheless shed extra pounds.

10. True or False. If you need a lean, match physique, all it’s essential to do is lower carbs.


The Solutions

1. False. Lengthy earlier than the South Seashore and Atkins craze, William Banting reported in a letter to the New England Journal of Medication in 1863 that he misplaced 46 kilos and was by no means hungry when he ate a low-carbohydrate/high-protein food regimen.

2. True. Carbohydrate restriction will increase manufacturing of chemical compounds known as ketones that scale back meals cravings. So, low-carb/high-protein diets do lower urge for food higher than diets excessive in carbohydrates.

3. False. A lunch consisting of 1 slice of pizza, a gentle drink and a few fries will sometimes add as much as 100 grams of carbohydrates – greater than double the day by day consumption of most low-carb diets.

4. True. Being carb conscientious will reduce choices and assist suppress the urge for food. So long as dieters don’t overindulge on low-carb meals, their calorie consumption will most probably lower.

5. True. Thirsty? You will not be, however your muscle tissues are. Water loss accounts for a lot of the early fast decreases in body weight. A lot of that water is misplaced as carbohydrate shops are depleted from the muscle tissues and the liver.

6. True. Placing out on the bar? Blame your food regimen, not your bod. Ketones – sources of very unhealthy breath – are produced when low-carb dieters exchange carbohydrates with fats.

7. True. It’s common to lose 5 or extra kilos within the preliminary weeks of a strict low-carbohydrate food regimen. That’s a dramatic distinction from conventional low-calorie diets that common 1 to 2 kilos misplaced per week.

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