4 most important Female Personal Hygiene Tips

 4 most important Female Personal Hygiene Tips

Female personal hygiene plays a very important role in a woman’s life to maintain a healthy and sound lifestyle and it also keeps a woman confident and fresh. 


Always wear 100% cotton breathable, loose and fresh panties, Fresh in a sense to change it every day. 

        Tight panties make us sweat more are uncomfortable. 

         Do not wear your panties at night, instead wear loose pants this will provide some extra space down there. 

          During Menses its good to wear leakproof mensural panties available on amazon, it helps a lot during this period.


Vaginal discharge is something very common and normal in women, unless some foul smell or you see something different then a regular discharge you should report a doctor, else everyone has there own odor which is common and normal, this odor depends on your diet and the amount of water you drink, The more intake of fruits and water you stink less and remain fresh. 

           You can use panty liners for this, which looks like tiny regular pads and are easy to dispose of also. 


It is better to remove your hairs which are unnecessary and causes sweat, itchiness, and discomfort. 

     Some women choose to stay with it but removing it at least once in a month is a better choice. 

        you can use hair removing creams, trimming machines,waxing strips or razors for this, while using razors you should be very careful and use coconut oil before removing hairs. 


Never ever use the regular soaps to wash your private parts, it will change the ph of the area which is very delicate and leave it dry and give burning sensations, instead use the washes which are appropriate for washing private parts such as v.wash and many other available. 

          It’s best to wash it every time you go for a pee and remember to pat it dry after every wash using a cotton cloth or tissue, Do not rub while drying just pat it. 




It’s not necessary that the room gets filled with your scent when you enter but it is very important that you smell good when someone comes near you, so always use deodorants which smell light and fresh which does not burn your skin and make it black. 

Below are some best-tried deodorants that are affordable too. 



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