High 10 HIIT Exercises

By Joe Donnelly

I might sit right here and bore you with a textbook definition of high-intensity interval coaching and equally boring citations of knowledge. Nevertheless, in case you are something like me you’d discover one other coaching article to peruse earlier than I end the sentence. Briefly, high-intensity interval coaching or HIIT is a sequence of brief bursts of most depth adopted by a brief interval of restoration. I’ve seen numerous health professionals submit supposed HIIT exercises when in actuality it isn’t HIIT – it’s extra MIIT (moderate-intensity interval coaching). Sure, I made that phrase up. The important thing phrases listed below are MAXIMUM INTENSITY, an idea that appears to be overseas to even essentially the most revered health professionals on the market in the present day. HIIT coaching IS pulling or pushing a sled at most depth for eight to 10 seconds adopted by a 25- to 30-second relaxation interval. HIIT coaching is NOT working on a treadmill for 45 seconds then resting for 90 seconds.

Enable me to present you an instance so you possibly can higher perceive the theme of most depth. Usain Bolt is unequivocally the best sprinter of all time, holding each the world information within the 100-meter and 200-meter sprint. Usain Bolt has brazenly talked concerning the technique utilized in sprinting, and anybody who thinks it’s simply an all-out dash, particularly within the 200 meters, is lifeless flawed. He says that even at his greatest conditioning, he might hit a most pace after about 4 seconds and keep for at MOST one other six to eight seconds earlier than he started to tire. Now if Usain Bolt can tire out at 12 seconds at most depth, why will we surmise our supposed most depth can final for 20-plus seconds?

The reply is a scarcity of elementary understanding of what most depth is and the way a lot power you could exert. I can seize any man within the health club and we are able to go dash on a treadmill at 15 mph. Now that 15 mph could also be on the high finish of his pace, and he might must exert 95 p.c of his most depth to attain the specified pace in our dash. That is nice, and precisely the idea you need to embrace. Now, let’s say my high pace is round 20 mph. Nicely, I might be drastically underestimating my most depth working at 15 mph.

The purpose of all of that is don’t go by another person’s guide of what most depth ought to be, and don’t outline it by some arbitrary pace restrict set on a treadmill. It doesn’t matter in case you are 20 years outdated or 50 years outdated. All of us have our personal stage of most depth. You merely push your physique to that restrict for the brief time period as mentioned above, then recuperate in a interval of two to a few instances of the max interval simply carried out.

Why HIIT Turned Common

Now that we perceive what it’s, and the best way to carry out it appropriately, let’s attempt to perceive why it’s such a scorching matter. For my part, HIIT turned such a buzzword for the three following causes:

1. HIIT exercises/cardio have been proven to burn extra energy and create extra fats loss than common LISS cardio (low-intensity, regular state). It’s no secret that almost all of high aggressive athletes on this planet at the moment are doing 10 to 12 minutes of HIIT cardio every day after they need to get their physique fats ranges very low, versus the hour they could have performed previously.

2. HIIT coaching has been proven to extend metabolic price, which is the muse for shedding physique fats. Increasingly information is exhibiting that low-calorie diets mixed with extra LISS cardio truly decreases metabolic capability – the technical time period is metabolic adaptation aka metabolic harm.

3. The physique begins to adapt to conventional cardio in about seven to 10 days and the fat-burning element begins to grow to be compromised. There’s not one shred of empirical proof that exhibits the physique adapts to HIIT coaching and that is why HIIT is a greater device for fats loss and sustaining lean muscle mass.

Our world in the present day is as hectic as ever, with the rapid transference of data. We’re continuously on the go, tied to our cell telephones, iPads, and so on. Gone are the times of getting two hours free within the health club to coach. Realizing this, it’s simply not life like to attempt to carve our two hours in every day to slot in an hour of weight coaching and an hour of cardio. It’s far more possible to take away that hour of conventional cardio and substitute it with 12 to fifteen minutes of HIIT coaching, particularly when the advantages of HIIT will lengthy surpass the normal strategies and transfer us nearer to our objectives.

Managed Most Depth

As a former NFL participant, you possibly can name me biased in my view, however it’s fairly tough to argue that NFL soccer gamers will not be the best athletes on the planet. There isn’t a group of rivals anyplace who can match their measurement, energy, pace, explosion and agility. We’re speaking about males like Vernon Davis of the 49ers, who can bench press 500-plus kilos, squat 600-plus and run a 4.38 40-yard sprint at 255 kilos and 6 p.c physique fats. Then there’s Adrian Peterson, who benches 450-plus, squats 550-plus and runs a 4.2 40-yard sprint at 235 kilos with God solely is aware of how little physique fats. I might go on and on naming the freaks of the NFL. The purpose is that the one and solely kind of cardiovascular work NFL gamers do is HIIT coaching.

When the purpose is to maximise fats loss, whereas sustaining or gaining lean muscle and dealing to extend peak efficiency, HIIT is the wave of the longer term. It’s a science of CONTROLLED MAXIMUM INTENSITY. From my private standpoint, I’m able to keep a lean physique mass of 240 kilos at 5 to six p.c physique fats year-round on the only undeniable fact that the one cardio I do is HIIT work. I don’t rely or reduce energy; I eat sensibly and prepare all-out, finish of story. I’m an athlete, not a males’s Determine competitor. I’m not curious about a fluctuating body weight and physique fats. I’m far too busy to go to the health club twice a day and waste an hour strolling on a treadmill.

HIIT is just not for everybody, and it may not be for you. Nevertheless, in case you are nonetheless studying, then you definately might need sufficient iron will and dedication to take your coaching to a brand new stage – to recreate the as soon as meager limits you had set upon your self and really step out of your consolation zone and begin residing, fairly than dying a gradual demise. You solely get one shot at this life; make it rely! No excuses, no regrets!

The Exercises

Listed here are my high 10 indoor/out of doors HIIT exercises (intermediate and superior) from http://joedonnellyfitness.com/


Group 1:

25 leaping jacks
25 standing squats
25 excessive knees standing in place
(4 units, no relaxation)

Group 2:
45 seconds quick bounce rope
Drop to ground and do 25 crunches
Roll over and do 20 push-ups
(5 units)

Group 3:

20 burpees
40-feet strolling lunges
On all fours, do 25 mountain climbers
(4 units)


2 minute warm-up at stage 5

1 minute stage 10
30 seconds stage 7
1 minute stage 11
30 seconds stage 8
1 minute stage 13
30 seconds stage 9
1 minute stage 14
30 seconds stage 10
30 seconds stage 15
1 minute stage 10
30 seconds stage 14
1 minute stage 9
30 seconds stage 13
1 minute stage 8
30 seconds stage 12
1 minute stage 7
30 seconds stage 11
3 minute cool-down stage 5



Rowing Machine
3 minute 50 p.c row for warm-up
1 minute most depth, 1 minute average
2 minute max, 2 minute average
1 minute max, 90 seconds average
90 seconds max, 1 minute average



1. With bounce rope, do double spins (2 spins per bounce) for 12 to fifteen seconds, then single spin per bounce for 45 seconds for 10 reps.

2. Plate or sled pushes. Lay a 45-pound plate flat on floor. Place arms on plate, have a sprinter stance with butt within the air, and drive the plate 2.5 ft, spin round and are available again (45-second relaxation, 8 reps).

Do that in completion 3 instances by way of.



Treadmill turned off, use handlebars to brace your self with head down and again flat. Dash as arduous as you possibly can utilizing leg drive to manually transfer the treadmill belt for 15 to twenty seconds. Relaxation 30 seconds. That is one rep. (20 reps)



1. 25 units of bleacher walks/runs (energetic warm-up)

2. 12 x 100 yard sprints (45 seconds relaxation between sprints)

3. 10 x 75 yard sprints (30 seconds relaxation between sprints)

4. 10 x 50 yard sprints (15 seconds between sprints)

5. Lunge 15 yards, then jog to midfield. Lunge 15 extra, jog to different finish line. That is one rep. Repeat for a complete of 6 reps.

6. 50 units of bleacher stroll/runs (cool-down)



1. 30 units of bleacher walks/runs. Skipping a step, attempt to jog final half if you break a sweat (energetic warm-up).

2. Begin by mendacity on again, legs straight within the air, and contact toes for 20 reps, contracting abdominals every time. Then dash throughout the width of the sector and again. That is all one rep. 10 reps whole.

3. Nonetheless working the width of the sector, add your alternative of 20 mountain climbers on all fours, or 30 standing squats. Then run throughout and again. 10 reps whole.

4. On the purpose line, run the size of the soccer discipline and again. Whole of 200 yards. One-minute relaxation and a complete of 6 reps.

5. Calm down with 50 units of bleacher runs/walks.



1. 10 x 40-yard sprints. (Dash 80%, jog again at 40%) The jog again is your relaxation.

2. Hill sprints (40-50 yards in size, steepest incline you’ll find, dash at max effort, stroll down), 20 reps. As you get extra fatigued, your pace will lower. Keep in mind, it’s not about pace; it’s about MAX effort on every rep.

3. 20 x 25-yard sprints. Speedy hearth. These are shorter sprints, so 15 seconds relaxation max between reps.

4. 4 x 200-yard gassers. Dash 100 yards, contact the road, then return. Two minutes relaxation between gassers.


1. 30 units of bleachers (stairs) for warm-up (run up, run down).

2. 15 push-ups, dash 40 yards (10 units, no relaxation).

3. 30 mountain climbers, dash 20 yards, contact the road, dash again (8 reps, no relaxation).

4. 50 standing squats, lunge 25 yards, jog 50 yards (8 units). The jog is your relaxation.

5. 20 leg lifts with hip thrust, dash 50 yards, gradual jog again (8 reps, the gradual jog is the remaining).

6. 90-second plank, dash 100 yards (the plank is your relaxation, 6 reps).



1st Quarter

• On the steepest hill you’ll find, about 30-40 yards in size, do max dash (6-9 seconds) gradual jog down (20 seconds, that is your relaxation interval). Do a complete of 10 steady reps and 4 units. No relaxation apart from gradual jog down. 10 reps equals 1 set.

• 45-second break after every set of 10 reps. So 4×10=40 units of hills!

2nd Quarter

• 16 x 100-yard sprints, 30 seconds relaxation between every rep (no jog again, stand tall and breathe deep).

third Quarter

• 50-yard shuttle runs (dash 25 yards, dash again). That is one rep. 10 seconds relaxation, 10 reps.

• 30-yard shuttle runs, (dash 15 yards, dash again). That is one rep. 10 seconds between reps, 10 reps.

4th Quarter

• Dash to high of hill, dash down, dash again to high, dash down. That is one rep.

• 25 seconds relaxation between reps, 10 reps.

For extra with Joe Donnelly, go to http://joedonnellyfitness.com/

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