Does rice water make your hair develop? A hair physician explains

The rice water hair rinse is throughout TikTok, with claims it makes your locks longer and stronger and develop sooner. It is an historical Chinese language custom, however does it work?

From dietary supplements to shampoos to scalp scrubs, there is a wealth of merchandise claiming to make your hair develop longer. The most recent treatment to floor is utilizing home made rice water as a masks publish shampoo. It is mentioned by legions of individuals on-line to enhance the situation of the hair, making it stronger, develop faster and look shinier.

Make-up artist Keshia East tried the treatment on her hair to “nourish, detangle and strengthen,” she wrote on Instagram. “Since I’ve been doing this my hair has grown tremendous quick and appears so wholesome.”

Google searches for ‘ make rice water for hair’ are up 350 per cent, whereas TikTok is awash (sorry!) with movies displaying precisely make rice water with views in extra of 136,000.

Whereas it might be new to TikTokers, rice water for hair progress is a whole lot of years outdated. “Rice water rinses for hair are an historical custom used for a whole lot of years in East Asian international locations,” explains advisor dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong, who specialises in hair well being. “Initially, girls within the Heian interval in Japan, (794 AD) who had floor-length hair, attributed this to bathing the hair in rice water. The observe was additionally adopted by the Yao girls in Huangluo in China, who once more credited their extremely lengthy hair and its retention of color to using rice water.”

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So what’s rice water and why is it believed to make our hair grown? It is precisely what it appears like; the milky white starchy water left behind after soaking rice. Soaking rice pre-cooking is not that widespread within the UK, however doing so accelerates the cooking by kick-starting the absorption of water earlier than the rice even enters the pot. Rice is roughly 80 per cent starch,” explains Dr Wong. “The water derived from soaking rice unsurprisingly comprises starch, a posh carbohydrate, which coats the hair and makes it shiny and shiny but in addition acts as a humectant to hydrate the scalp and hair.

Rice water additionally comprises the carbohydrate inositol, says Dr Wong. This which has been proven in a single research to penetrate and stay within the hair fibre even after rinsing, suggesting it might proceed to assist hydrate the hair from the within after a wash, she provides.

Rice water can be thought to comprise amino acids which deposit on the hair shaft and provides a strengthening and volumising and thickening impact to the hair along with lowering floor rigidity making it simpler to detangle, smoother, much less frizzy and customarily extra manageable.”

Up to now so shiny however what about making your hair develop sooner? Sadly, if this have been true then somebody would have bottled Dr Wong notes that there aren’t any information or research to help the concept rice water has any affect on their hair cycle to enhance hair progress, hair density or as a remedy for any particular hair loss situations.

“The beauty advantages all sound believable based mostly on the uncooked supplies rice water comprises, however it’s price noting that these reported outcomes are anecdotal and speculative.”

Nonetheless, the Web is buzzing with concert events to the rice water methodology. In case you need to give it a go, here is your have to know.

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The right way to make rice water for hair

Making rice water for hair is not so simple as cooking and draining your rice and liberally making use of the leftover water to your hair. First, you must rinse your dry rice (about half a cup) in water, earlier than draining after which including two to 3 cups of heat water and giving it a delicate combine till the water turns milky. Subsequent, seal it shut for twenty-four hours to let it ferment, which is thought to boost its antioxidant properties. It does create a cool, musty scent, so some folks add orange slices to distract from this. As soon as it is completed fermenting merely apply to your hair by way of a twig bottle, go away to soak in as you’d a hair masks and rinse.


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How lengthy does rice water take to work?

You may be happy to know that rice water provides pretty immediate gratification. We must always take into account rice water as a conditioning remedy with doubtlessly hydrating and strengthening properties, says Dr Wong. As with most conditioning merchandise, the short-term outcomes and modifications to the hair are evident in a short time, often after the primary use.

Does rice water work on pores and skin too?

The helpful contents of rice water (carbohydrates, amino acids and antioxidants, in line with Dr Wong) theoretically work the identical manner on pores and skin, one thing musician Pharrell Williams clearly agrees with, as he included the ingredient in his skincare line Humanrace, which launched in November in 2020 and was a complete sell-out (restock pending). His moisturiser, named Humidifying Cream, £37, contains rice water with niacinamide and snow mushroom for a hydrating, soothing product.

Are there any uncomfortable side effects of placing rice water in your air?

Rice water has no perfume, preservatives or plant oils, which some folks can turn out to be delicate to, factors our Dr Wong, in order a DIY conditioning remedy it is low threat. “Nonetheless used too steadily, insufficient removing of the rice water and relying in your hair sort, the heavy coating of the strands with starch and amino acids may result in build-up, flaking and even breakage in some folks,” warns Dr Wong. Ethical of the story? Do your rice water hair remedy as soon as every week and you’ll want to rinse out completely.

The underside line

Whereas there may be a lot anecdotal help of rice water making hair develop, we should take note what Dr Wong mentioned, that there aren’t any research backing this up. The elements of rice water actually result in healthier-looking, stronger hair, which is much less liable to breakage however there’s nothing to say rice water will really make it develop faster.

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