Different, No-Boil Menstrual Cup Cleansing Strategies

Probably the greatest issues about menstrual cups is that with the fitting care, they will final you years! And the care that makes certain your cup retains in tip-top situation is similar care that ensures it’s wholesome and protected so that you can use.

The easiest way to care to your cup is to make use of the boiled water technique to sanitize your menstrual cup between cycles. (We love the hack of putting your cup in the course of a whisk whereas boiling to maintain it from touching the underside of a pot!)

However what should you can’t simply entry boiling sizzling water? Possibly you don’t really feel snug watching water boil whereas your cup bobs round in the course of your kitchen. (Roommates—even when/particularly after they’re household—could be awkward like that).

Don’t fear! There are alternative routes to make sure that your cup is as clear as attainable. 

Sanitize vs Clear: What’s the Distinction?

First, let’s get some definitions out of the best way. When individuals discuss boiling their menstrual cup, this can be a technique of sanitizing; ‘sanitizing’ means eradicating any microorganisms (like micro organism) right down to a protected stage. (‘Sterilizing’ means eradicating all, which is troublesome to do in a house atmosphere.)

Cleansing, however, means eradicating floor micro organism, odor, and buildup.

We make menstrual cups out of medical-grade silicone for a couple of causes, however one of many largest causes is that as a non-porous materials, it resists micro organism development. Nonetheless, many individuals really feel higher about sanitizing their cups between cycles by boiling water, and we suggest it as a result of it helps guarantee your cup lasts so long as attainable. 

Methods to Sanitize Your Menstrual Cup (with out Boiling)

Other than the boiled water technique, you can even sanitize your menstrual cup through the use of:

  • An autoclave. In case you occur to have one kicking round (we don’t suggest utilizing the autoclave at your place of business) then it’s an effective way to sanitize your cup. It must be set to 121°C for 60 minutes, utilizing a dry cycle run, and in any other case used as per the producer’s directions. 
  • A breast pump steam bag. These useful instruments are for sanitizing components of breast pump gear in your microwave. They’re straightforward to make use of and declare to kill 99.9 % of frequent micro organism and germs. Test for any that 
  • A menstrual cup steam sanitizer.  There are a number of steam cleaners in the marketplace particularly for menstrual cups. Be warned, not all machines are made to the identical customary, so you should definitely do your analysis. We are able to’t verify the standard of all such gadgets so we will’t be certain that they’re as thorough as they are saying that they’re, or that they won’t harm your cup.

Methods to Clear Your Menstrual Cup 

Cleansing your cup throughout your cycle is as straightforward as a radical rinse and a few alcohol-free antibacterial cleaning soap! Some individuals like to scrub their cup within the bathe because it’s discreet and straightforward to do after emptying their cup. On the opposite finish of the comfort spectrum is the oft-dreaded ‘public washroom clear.’

We’ve acquired your information for cleansing your cup in a public washroom right here!

Methods to Take away Stains From Your Menstrual Cup 

Even with correct sanitizing and cleansing, your cup will bear some color modifications from use. As nicely, you might run into staining or odor points. Listed here are methods to take away stains or smells out of your menstrual cup:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (1%): You could find this in most drug shops or pharmacies. Use one half 1% hydrogen peroxide and one half water. Submerge your cup and let it soak for twenty-four hours. Give it a superb, thorough wash to take away the entire hydrogen peroxide residues earlier than utilizing it or storing it.
  • White vinegar: This is perhaps as efficient as hydrogen peroxide, however likelihood is you may have some round the home! Use one half vinegar to 2 components water. Submerge and soak your cup for twenty-four hours. If it nonetheless smells a bit like vinegar after washing the cup, observe up with a boiling session.

When to Throw Out Your Cup

Cups aren’t indestructible. Your Intimina menstrual cup is reusable for as much as 10 years (or 2 years for the Ziggy Cup) however you might want to switch it sooner than that. 

It’s best to exchange your menstrual cup if:

  • There may be any seen, bodily harm equivalent to cracking or splitting. 
  • The cup turns into sticky to the contact even after cleansing or has a chalky residue. 
  • Any smells linger, even after you attempt the above suggestions. 
  • A wierd shade develops (fading is regular, inexperienced will not be, for instance)

In case you’re ever doubtful, simply attain out to our group through our Fb or Instagram web page, or go away a touch upon this text. We’re at all times pleased to assist!

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