Collagen dietary supplements: do they work for pores and skin, hair and intestine well being

Collagen powders are booming proper now – however how good are they in your pores and skin and the way a lot must you take? Our resident GP Dr Johnanna Ward has the details

The wonder business has exploded with collagen merchandise; drinks, powders, capsules and lotions – you identify it, it’s on the market. Whereas collagen is perhaps the most recent magnificence ‘must-have’ as ‘skincare from inside’, there are some things that each discerning collagen shopper should know. Here is my information.

What do collagen dietary supplements do?

* They scale back the speed at which our personal collagen breaks down (our pure potential to provide new collagen declines from age 25).

* They increase our physique’s personal manufacturing (by age 40 the physique’s potential to provide collagen has decreased by 25 per cent and by age 60, it has plummeted by over 50).

* They enhance pores and skin hydration by serving to the physique make hyaluronic acid

* They scale back nice traces and wrinkles

* They assist hair, bones and joints

* They assist heal leaky intestine

Collagen decline will end in wrinkles, thinning bones, weak joints, thinning hair, leaky intestine and might negatively influence nearly each side of our well being. Any little helper that you would be able to give your pores and skin can assist significantly in relation to collagen, slowing the speed at which it declines and serving to the physique construct extra. In fact, one of the best ways to go about it’s to guard it within the first place. We will do that by residing and consuming effectively and avoiding extreme UV radiation, sunbeds, smoking and alcohol.

In recent times, every kind of collagen and pseudo-collagen merchandise have appeared available on the market making it more and more troublesome to know which manufacturers to belief. How they’re made (being hydrolysed is vital, which I’ll go on to clarify) and what they’re made from (fish, beef, pork, even vegan sources) can have an effect on how they carry out. You additionally have to be sure to take the precise dose for it to be efficient.

Here is what it’s essential to learn about collagen dietary supplements:

How do collagen dietary supplements work?

The collagen you ingest would not mechanically change into new collagen. It is first damaged down into amino acids and peptides after which distributed to the place the physique wants. A few of these will then be used to make new collagen in your pores and skin, however they might equally be directed to different locations.

As soon as absorbed by the intestine into the bloodstream, the collagen peptides and amino acids have a twin motion. Firstly, the free amino acids present constructing blocks for the formation of recent collagen fibres and secondly the collagen peptides bind to fibroblast receptors to stimulate the manufacturing of recent collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

What sort of collagen ought to I look out for?

There are 16 various kinds of collagen within the physique: look significantly or Sort I when selecting a complement.

Collagen Sort I: accounts for 90 per cent of the collagen within the physique. It’s essentially the most skin-specific of all collagens and advantages the hair, pores and skin, nails, joints and bones essentially the most. Gram for gram is stronger than metal. Sort I is taken into account the important thing matrix constructing protein in our pores and skin which provides it construction and firmness. Additionally it is the top product when pores and skin heals and repairs.

Leaky intestine responds effectively to Sort 1 collagen supplementation. That’s as a result of your intestinal wall is made up of microscopic folds or ‘villi’ which are literally constructed of collagen. The amino acids in collagen fairly actually, ‘seal the leak’ or perforations by supporting mobile well being and tissue progress.

There’s a hyperlink between intestine well being and pores and skin irritation. In case your intestine is ‘leaky’ or semi-permeable to toxins then it might probably trigger low-grade systemic irritation that may worsen zits, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Collagen Sort II: discovered primarily in joints and cartilage. Supplementation of Sort II collagen could assist arthritis.

Collagen Sort III: infants and youngsters have a number of this kind of collagen. Additionally it is present in fast-growing tissue, particularly within the early levels of wound therapeutic. It’s changed later by Sort I.

Your bones are 30 per cent collagen, which provides them their flexibility. Our bone cells are continually turning over, and collagen has been proven to assist bone well being by growing bone mineral density.

Why do I want to purchase ‘hydrolysed’ collagen?

It’s vital to search for ‘hydrolysed’ collagen – it’s a course of whereby collagen is damaged down into small peptide chains that make it extra bioavailable – ie simpler in your physique to make use of and so performs a key position in how efficient your complement is. Hydrolysed collagen is considered the one form of collagen that may influence the pores and skin positively and it’s what the scientific trials and information assist.

What is the really helpful each day dose of collagen?

The best dose from scientific trials is 10g (10,000mg) of hydrolysed collagen per day. At this dose oral collagen has been clinically confirmed to scale back the speed at which our personal collagen breaks down, enhance the pores and skin’s innate collagen manufacturing and enhance pores and skin hydration and therapeutic.

Do I have to take it with different nutritional vitamins?

One of the best formulations couple oral collagen with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) as this helps to make it extra bioavailable. Vitamin C is required for collagen manufacturing so it’s the perfect co-ingredient. Different formulations couple collagen with hyaluronic acid, nutritional vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and antioxidants for a whole all-round anti-ageing impact.

Which is greatest, meat, fish or vegan collagen?

Bovine collagen: collagen is commonly comprised of bovine sources, from cow bone and cow by-products reminiscent of connective tissue and cartilage. The bovine protein is notoriously troublesome to ‘clear up’ so there’s the potential danger of transmitting ailments reminiscent of mind illness CJD from the animal supply.

Marine collagen: from fish, often from fish scales. It’s thought to have the perfect impact due to its excessive bioavailability and is much less more likely to transmit any ailments from the animal supply. One of the best marine collagens are wild and deep-sea sourced moderately than farmed.

Egg collagen: eggs additionally comprise Sort I collagen however we denature the protein after we cook dinner eggs and clearly eggs must be cooked to guard us from nasties reminiscent of salmonella. So one of the best ways to take egg collagen is by way of a complement. That is perfect for vegetarians.

Vegan collagen: comprised of genetically modified yeast or bacterial sources (the commonest one is from the micro organism P Pastoris). 4 human genes that code for collagen are added to the genetic construction of the microbes. With the added assist of enzymes, they then begin producing the constructing blocks of collagen. We don’t have a number of scientific information to assist this sort of vegan collagen but however watch this house!

It’s vital to decide on a good model. Search for ones which can be manufactured beneath GMP (Good Manufacturing Observe codes). They’ll have a GMP brand on them. The Meals Requirements Company regulates all dietary supplements within the UK. Respected manufacturers will take a look at their merchandise for heavy metals and guarantee issues like mercury and cadmium are low. Try their web site for purity and regulatory management. They may also keep away from utilizing GMOs and keep away from utilizing any inflammatory substances which can be dangerous to the physique or intestine.

After I developed my very own collagen powder (Zenii Professional-Collagen Powder with Vitamin C, £65) and liquid dietary supplements (Pores and skin Fusion, £85) I made certain each had been a each day 10,000mg dose of sustainable farmed deep-sea marine collagen in hydrolysed kind. I additionally ensured that each one batches had been heavy steel examined, hormone-free, GMO-free and made to pharmaceutical requirements.

What does collagen style like?

Powdered marine and bovine collagen are often tasteless and dissolve simply. Different collagens which can be mixed with nutritional vitamins and minerals will usually have a flavour to hide the B nutritional vitamins which may style yeasty. It’s very a lot a case of private desire and whether or not you need a collagen solo (which you’ll be able to add to yoghurt or espresso with out altering the style) or if you need it to produce other helpful vitamins in it.

Ought to I take liquid, powder or collagen capsules?

Liquid dietary supplements are thought to have the perfect bioavailability, adopted by powders after which capsules. With a purpose to get the required 10,000mg each day dose in a capsule you’d doubtless have to take about ten a day so it’s simply not sensible. Liquids appear to prevail right here.

What’s the distinction between collagen powder and protein powder?

There are 20 totally different amino acids that may kind a protein, of those there are 9 ‘important amino acids’ that the physique can’t produce by itself. We have to get them via meals. Protein powders are typically full proteins – this implies they comprise the 9 important amino acids of the human physique in roughly equal proportions and have a totally totally different function to collagen powder. They’re nice for post-workout restoration and for serving to to construct lean muscle. However they aren’t going to assist forestall wrinkles, enhance pores and skin elasticity or heal leaky intestine.

In collagen powders and liquids, the amino acids are typically non-essential, not equally balanced and the ratio is skewed in direction of three of them: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. We’d like glycine to create glutathione, the physique’s strongest antioxidant. You do not ever wish to be poor in your grasp antioxidant! So collagen dietary supplements assist us replenish our grasp antioxidant too.

Do collagen pores and skin lotions work?

Collagen in pores and skin lotions are poorly regarded by the scientific group as a result of collagen is just too massive a molecule to penetrate into the pores and skin and have an effect on pores and skin high quality (what collagen pores and skin lotions appear to do effectively is moisturise and hydrate the pores and skin by decreasing water loss or by binding water). However there isn’t any scientific proof to point out that they’ve any impact on precise collagen high quality or amount.

My really helpful purchase

I like to recommend taking a marine-based collagen powder of 10,000mg per day (round 2 tablespoons) if you wish to increase your hair pores and skin and nails. It would additionally assist restore leaky intestine, increase your joint and bone well being and shield your vessels. For vegans, I like to recommend collagen boosters reminiscent of vitamin C and zinc till extra evidenced-based vegan collagens are devised.

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Dr Johanna Ward studied English Literature at Oxford College earlier than shifting to London to start out her medical research at Guys, Kings and St Thomas Medical College. She labored in A&E & trauma medication earlier than turning into a GP with an curiosity in pores and skin and diet. She gained Diploma in Scientific Dermatology and is a complicated laser practitioner and has been a passionate wellness advocate and educator on the advantages of life-style and preventative medication. She is the founding father of Zenii Vitality and Skincare and writer of Superfoods to Tremendous Well being: clever and sustainable meals selections for the following era. She is at present resident lead aesthetic physician at Tracey Mountford’s Clinic in Marylebone.

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