All Your IUD Questions Answered

Discovering the appropriate contraception choice is a person journey between you, your physique, and presumably your associate. You additionally could discover that your wants shift as you grow old, and get to know your physique higher. 

One contraception choice that’s slowly gaining recognition are IUDs. These seemingly mystical units could carry up a complete string of questions. Intimina is right here to reply them for you.

What’s an IUD?

First issues first, what on Earth is an IUD? 

An IUD, brief for intrauterine gadget, is a tiny T-shaped contraceptive gadget that lives inside your uterus.

This tiny object has the ability to maintain you from getting pregnant utilizing both copper or hormones. 

What Type of IUDs Are There?

Like we talked about, there are two sorts of IUDs, hormonal and copper.

At the moment, there are 4 totally different manufacturers of hormonal IUDs out there that launch the hormone progestin levonorgestrel. This hormone makes the uterus a hostile setting for sperm and eggs, stopping sperm from making it to the egg within the first place. They do that by thickening the cervical mucus, and scaling down the liner of the uterus.  

Copper IUDs launch copper ions (molecules) into the cervix, making it a no man’s land for sperm. Copper is so poisonous to sperm that they’re killed, then primarily eaten by different cells, whereas additionally being decapitated, or indifferent from its tail. Dangerous for the sperm concerned, nice to your contraceptive functions.

How Lengthy Does an IUD Final?

It relies on what sort of IUD you have got. 

Relying on the model, hormonal IUDs can final wherever from three to seven years, whereas the copper IUD is accepted for as much as ten years.

Ask your supplier how lengthy yours is sweet for, and you should definitely write down someplace while you received it, in order that you realize while you’ll want to switch it.

How Efficient are IUDs?

IUDs are greater than 99% efficient, making them a fan favourite amongst reproductive healthcare suppliers. 

Why are they so efficient? 

Not like the tablet or condoms, you don’t have to consider it, which leaves little or no room for error. 

What’s The Insertion Course of Like?

After discussing your medical historical past, and giving a gynecological examination, your supplier will insert a speculum into your vagina, after which a particular insertion gadget will place the IUD into your uterus, through your cervix. This course of often takes fives minutes or much less.

It could be useful to take an OTC ibuprofen an hour earlier than your appointment to assist with any cramping or discomfort. 

You may have an IUD positioned at any level in your menstrual cycle, so long as there is no such thing as a likelihood that you’re pregnant. 

It’s possible you’ll expertise gentle recognizing after insertion, no worries. Simply pop on a pad or panty liner. 

Do IUDs defend towards STIs?

No, they don’t. Which is why it’s necessary to nonetheless focus on your STD standing, get examined recurrently, and use condoms if you’re with a brand new associate, or have a number of sexual companions. 

Can You Really feel it Throughout Intercourse?

In all probability not. There are strings that dangle down out of your IUD that can enable you and your supplier to test its placement, and take away it when the time comes. 

Often, these strings are trimmed to only a few centimetres and can sometimes curl and soften towards the cervix. Whereas there’s a small likelihood your associate will really feel the strings with a penis or fingers, it’s not going. 

In case your associate does really feel it throughout intercourse, there’s an opportunity that it’s not inserted correctly. On this case, you may test together with your supplier to have it repositioned if wanted. 

Will I nonetheless Get My Interval?

It relies on what sort of IUD you have got. 

For these with a hormonal IUD, your durations could also be shorter, lighter, or regularly fade the longer your IUD is in place.

Individuals who select the copper IUD could expertise heavier or longer durations. You additionally could have extra recognizing, particularly throughout the first three months after insertion. 

Can I nonetheless use a Menstrual Cup?


Each folks with the hormonal and copper IUD can use a menstrual cup throughout their interval. 

Interval cups sit decrease within the reproductive tract than IUDs, that means there shouldn’t be any points.  Though you must wait two menstrual cycles after IUD insertion earlier than turning to your trusty outdated cup once more.

Can I Use an IUD After Giving Start?

Sure, you may. 

In the event you give start at a hospital, you might be able to choose to have one inserted earlier than you take a look at after start. Though that will really feel too quickly for you in any case that onerous work you’ve executed. 

You may as well ask your supplier to insert one at your postpartum go to (sometimes six weeks), or every time looks like the appropriate time for you. 

Can My IUD Fall Out? 

It’s not going, however it’s attainable. This occurs mostly within the first three months of after insertion, and through your interval. 

You may test to your strings to ensure it’s nonetheless there. In the event you suppose it might have fallen out (otherwise you see it in your pad, tampon, menstrual cup), you should definitely use condoms or one other type of contraception till you’re capable of get a brand new one inserted. 

Are There Any Doable Facet Results or Issues?

Any negative effects you expertise out of your IUD will probably subside after three to 6 months. In case your negative effects are considerably affecting you, there’s no want to stay it out – speak to your physician. 

Unwanted side effects from the hormonal IUD are much less possible than with say the tablet, as a result of the hormones are localized, however it’s attainable to expertise weight achieve, temper fluctuations, pimples, or change in libido. 

The copper IUD could improve interval cramps and menstrual ache, and in uncommon instances, it might embed and tear the uterine lining. 

Though there is no such thing as a clear information to again this up, there have been some studies of copper toxicity within the blood from the copper IUD.

What if I Must Get it Taken Out?

Individuals select to have their IUDs taken out on a regular basis. Whether or not it’s as a result of they wish to attempt to conceive, or it’s simply not proper for them, you may all the time change your thoughts.

Simply inform your supplier it’s time, schedule an appointment, and voila! You’re IUD free.

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